Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Wanderer

This hot air balloon floated over South Whitley Saturday evening astonishing many citizens as it meandered its way from the south, making a sweep of the east side of town before heading north and west. Known as the Wanderer, the multi-striped hot air balloon is the property of Wander Aloft Ballooning from Fort Wayne. The ride was commissioned by members of the Brandenburg family, the second such trip of the summer with different family members getting a bird’s eye view of the countryside. The balloon was piloted by Larry Lankenau with Valerie Lankenau serving as crew chief on the ground. The couple have been ballooning for 30 years. The spotting crew said winds were at about 6 miles per hour, perfect for a leisurely balloon trip.
(Tribune-News photo by TRSmith)

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