Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whitko Football Awards

“There is no substitute for hard work and effort beyond the call of mere duty. That is what strengthens the soul and ennobles one's character,” said Whitko High School coach Wayne Swender quoting the “father of football”  Walter Camp.
Hard work is what the members of the 2010 put in as they put extra time in the weight room, hit early morning practices, attended 7-on-7 contests as they celebrated their championship season Thursday, November 18.
This year’s Wildcats not only had an overwhelmingly winning season they secured the Three Rivers Championship for the first time in 20 years.
“We will miss you,” he said to the departing senior members of the team. “Make sure you come back and say hello when we’re on the field, in the locker room, you’re always welcome.”
Senior Benjamin Bryan set two records this season for longest field goal: 39 yards and most field goals in a season: 5.
Junior Derek Snep set records, too: the most receptions in a season – 37; career receptions – 73 and career yards – 1,106.
Snep was also awarded the Ryan Huff award, selected by coaches and players and given to a junior who exemplifies leadership, character and a “team first” attitude.
Major awards were presented to:  Dominic Arrowood-Fouce, Trevor Bauer, Cody Bays, Benjamin Bryan, Chris Bumbaugh, Benjamin Bryan, Brent Busz, Dillon Craig, Cord Feasby, DJ Fouce, Schyler Fugate, Jordan Gilbert, Dakota Harmon, Tyler Hathaway, Ben Hinora, Preston Keim, Austin LeTourneau, Javier Morales, Chris Morley-Tackitt, Austin Mort, Brandon Nettrouer, Tyler Newsome, Ian Pherigo, Joe Prater, Trent Sims, Scott Skiles, Derek Snep,  Alex Stoddard, Austin Striggle, Connor Stouder, Andrew Warren, Travis Weigold, Coty West, Tyler Wine, Kory Wood, Jacob Bolinger, Mgr.
Minor awards were presented to:  Josh Angiano, Chris Baker, Stephen Bennett, Doug Bolinger, Mike Carroll, Michael Dimmick, Dakota Funnell, Trevor Gilbert, Tyler Hinora, Josh Hough, Ian Keirn, Josh Kessie, Tyler Miller, Ethan Nicodemus, Jake Nissley, Thomas Ousley, Nathan Slater, Alex Smith, Ryan Weigold
Junior varsity plaque awards were presented to:   Offensive Lineman – Josh Kessie; Offensive Back – Ian Pherigo ; Defensive Lineman – Chris Baker; Defensive Back – Schyler Fugate
Varsity plaque awards were given to: Offensive Lineman – Cord Feasby; Offensive Back – DJ Fouce; Defensive Lineman – Coty West; Defensive Back – Dakota Harmon.
Connor Stouder received the Coaches’ Award.
Named to the 2010 Three Rivers Conference defensive team were – First team: 
D.J. Fouce – Linebacker;
Alex Stoddard – Secondary;
Ben Bryan – Special Teams
Second Team:  Travis Weigold – Defensive End; Cody Bays – Linebacker;
Brent Busz – Secondary
Honorable Mention: Austin Mort and Coty West
Named to the offensive tem were – First team: Derek Snep – Wide Reciever ; Ben Hinora – Tackle and Second team: Dakota Harmon – Running Back; Joe Prater – Guard; Cord Feasby – Center and Honorable Mention: Tyler Newsome
TRC Academic members are: Brandon Nettrouer; Scott Skiles; Derek Snep and Tyler Wine
Honorable Mention – Academic All-Conference players are Dillon Craig, Cord Feasby, Austin Mort and Kory Wood

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