Wednesday, January 12, 2011

South Whitley Town Council meeting 1-11-11

After experiencing a summer of sewer construction and torn up streets, the good news is in for South Whitley.  David Harvey, from the engineering firm of Fleis and Vandenbrink, presented a flow monitoring report to the town council showing great improvement in keeping storm water out of the sanitary sewer.  Harvey showed the difference in flow through the sewer during a 1.1 inch rain in August of 2010 and a 1.3 inch rain in 2001.  There was a 70 percent inflow reduction of storm water in 2010, which shows how well the new system is working.
Harvey also presented the contract change order needed to close out the summer project. This order provided for payments as follows:
*  revision of several pay items to reflect actual installations: $51,777
*  two sidewalk curb cuts to meet American with Disabilities requirements: $4,500
*  cost offset due to moving storm sewers out of the curb lin and into the streets: -$27,000
*  thicker asphalt and wider cuts to meet INDOT requirements: $17,000
*  INDOT detour permits for the Fall Festival: $3,500
The total adjustment of $51,742 was approved by the council along with two final payments totaling $154,821 to API Construction Corporation.
One water problem remained for discussion: erosion at the Ed Ruckman property at the south end of Line Street. 
Harvey said he looked at the area and proposed two solutions.  One was to run a conduit sewer pipe to a pond on the property to carry away the excess water;  the other was to construct a swale leading to the pond to widen the overland flow of the water.  Harvey estimated that the conduit would cost $32,800 with construction of a swale costing about 2/3 to 1/2 less.  A solution is necessary because currently the town is responsible to repair any erosion damage to the property.  Ruckman was concerned that the proposed solutions would require excavation too near to a septic field on the property.  Utility Manager Dennis Eberhart planned to contact the county and determine exactly where the leach bed is located.  The council voted in favor of construction of a swale.
      The Fire and Ice Festival in Columbia City is coming up and council president Tonya WArner said that the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce has asked to display some of the ice sculptures in South Whitley.
     Town Marshal Dave Wilkinson said that a public meeting is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. on January 25 to consider an application for a USDA grant toward the purchase of a squad car. 

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