Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tree Lines

By Charlotte Hurd Blair
Last summer I wrote about the Genealogical Society's cemetery reading.  I shared  what a cemetery reading meant, and why and how our group was doing the reading.
This fall before the first snowfall, almost all of the active cemeteries had been completely read. Active cemeteries are where burials are still taking place. South Whitley Cemetery would be an active cemetery.
Corrections from the previous reading  in 1998 and  confirmation of correct readings were recorded.    Some markers that could be read in 1998, no longer were legible and that was noted.   New markers and additional  inscriptions on previously erected markers  were recorded.
This information was written out on cemetery printouts, and new information was written on record sheets.   This new data was all entered into a computer database, updating the information from the previous reading
This spring we will complete our reading project by checking the inactive and abandoned cemeteries in our county.  As there will have been no new burials in these cemeteries, we will be rechecking the previous reading and noting the cemetery and marker condition.
After that data is collected it too will be entered into the cemetery computer database.   When all the information has been entered and double checked, we will then be able to update our online cemetery information.     At that time we also hope to put the cemetery  information in printed from and make it  available for purchase, as the Society has done in the past.
This is a major project for our group.  It has taken countless hours and will take many more to complete the project.  The task could not be completed without the many wonderful volunteers who donated their  time and talent.
The new web site address for the Genealogical Society of Whitley County is    This is where the results of our cemetery reading project will be posted.  Currently, at that site you will find the cemetery readings from 1998 and an update from 2007.  There are many other indexes and information about Whitley County and its citizens at the web site.  Take a few minutes, (It might turn into hours!) and see what information is available on  the Web site.
The purpose of the Genealogical Society of Whitley County is to identify, preserve, and maintain the genealogical records of our county.  Our Society is committed to this goal.   We hope that it will benefit you,  as you research and study your family history.  If you would like more information about our group and/or would like to become involved with our work, please contact me at or 244-7322.

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