Thursday, May 26, 2011

Industrial park now shovel-ready

Tribune-News correspondent
The South Whitley Town Council voted to rezone 85.9 acres in the industrial park to an I-1, light industrial district, as recommended by the South Whitley Planning Commission.
The land, owned by Dragan Real Estate, been an agricultural district.  According to Alan Tio, of the Whitley County Economic Development Commission, rezoning was an important step in making the property “shovel-ready” by bringing in power lines, water and sewer lines and establishing roads on the land. All a prospective buyer has to do is build on the site, theoretically starting with a shovel.
“The property is adjoined by well-established light manufacturing and agribusiness operations already zoned I-1,” Tio stated.  “Other adjacent land uses ... are separated from the Dragan Real Estate LLC property by natural buffering.”
There are no specific companies looking for industrial sites in the park at this time.
South Whitley Cleveland Township Library Director Renee Wozniak-Anderson requested parking lines be painted outside the library on Front and Maple streets.  She submitted a drawing to utilities manager Dennis Eberhart which includes two handicapped parking spaces.
Resident Janice Perry brought up a problem she and her neighbors have with trash blowing into their yards.
“I live across from Dollar General and the grocery,” she said.  “There are no trash containers at either business.”
Perry emphasized that she didn’t think either of the businesses was aware of the problem.
Councilwoman Tonya Warner offered to contact the businesses and “ask them as a courtesy” to place trash containers outside.
Randy Striggle summed up the lack of progress repairing the wall at the Green Parrot as “the same old thing we’ve been bucking since last November”.  Striggle is working to round up a loan  for the project.
“It’s going to get done as soon as funding is available from the bank and we get a contractor,” he said.
The council was ready to grant another extension of the deadline for the repair.
“How long do you need?  30 days?  45 days?  You tell us at this point,” Warner said.
After the council voted for an extension until July 11, Warner commended Striggle saying, “thank you for your honesty in coming forward with this and letting us know (the status)”
David Harvey of Fleis and Vandenbrink Engineering asked the council to approve a radio survey of points around town so that a radio telemetry system can eventually be used at the wastewater treatment plant He recommended Peerless Midwest to do the survey and the council approved a motion to allow Eberhart to negotiate with them to get the survey done.
The council also voted to vacate a portion of an alley running near 401 N. Calhoun Street.

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